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Urtekram Organic, Denmark

Urtekram Organic, Denmark
All products Urtekram are of 100% natural origin, and certified organic by Ecocert according to COSMOS Organic Standard. Since 1972 produced in Denmark,
Biodegradable content, Plant-based packaging, Vegan, cruelty-free, AllergyCertified .

All Urtekram Organic, Denmark Products

Since 1972 produced in Denmark
Ingredients of 100% natural origin
Certified Organic ingredients
Biodegradable content
Plant-based packaging
Vegan, cruelty-free

Urtekram was founded in Copenhagen in 1972 and in 2017, Urtekram was named Denmark's most sustainable brand by the Sustainable Brand Index. Our production is located in scenic Mariager in Jutland in Denmark, and here we produce our natural and ecologically certified beauty products for all needs. Today, our products are in stores throughout Europe and large parts of the rest of the world.

Urtekram was founded as early as 1972, at a time when pioneering spirit, a sense of belonging and environmental awareness, was emerging. Organic products were just an idealistic matter of the heart for the few. However, this was the beginning of the journey, that later would make the whole of Denmark - and Scandinavia - much sustainable and conscious.

The visionaries began the journey with a small spice shop in the heart of Copenhagen. Here they sold products, focusing on a natural, simple and clean lifestyle. The entrepreneurial spirit quickly took hold of them and soon the company Urtekram was founded. During the 1970s and 1980s, knowledge about Urtekram developed slowly but surely and spread beyond the small circle of early environmental enthusiasts.

Our production is located in scenic Mariager in Jutland, Denmark. Here we produce organic foods in the categories processed food and frozen food, care products, as well as products intended for people with allergies, including lactose and gluten free products.

URTEKRAM is a name full of meaning:

URTE is the Danish word for "herbs" and is therefore representative of the many plant ingredients used in the brand's product formulas.
KRAM refers to the origins of the company, a small health food shop featuring herbs and natural foods located in Copenhagen. The word KRAM also means "warm hug" in Danish.

URTEKRAM's success story began in 1972 when "Urtekræmmer" (an old term used to describe a merchant selling herbs and spices) was founded in Copenhagen. It was a kind of health food store, in which the idea of eco-friendliness, sustainability, organic and fair trade quality prevailed. It was extremely innovative at the time because very few people were focused on these concepts.

Success quickly followed and the demand became so great that in 1989 the company moved to Danish Nodjutland to produce its own products, where it is still located to this day.

URTEKRAM is one of the best known manufacturers of spices, food and cosmetics in Scandinavia.

Organic Cosmetics

URTEKRAM organic cosmetics are of exceptional high quality.

All URTEKRAM cosmetics are certified by the Vegan Society and are therefore guaranteed without ingredients of animal origin such as beeswax. In addition, they also comply with one of the strictest organic certifications in the cosmetic industry, the COSMOS ORGANIC standard by Ecocert. This standard stipulates that at least 98% of the ingredients must be of natural origin. URTEKRAM often exceeds this standard whereby 100% of the ingredients incorporated in the formulas are of natural origin.

Of course, due to strict and self-imposed guidelines, products are also free from:

mineral oils
synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives

Throughout the production process, URTEKRAM places great importance on respecting the environment, people and nature.

Plant-based packaging

In addition to natural and sustainable ingredients, URTEKRAM has been offering an alternative to conventional packaging for some time. The packaging is now composed of plant-based raw materials.

All our packaging is plant-based and made of sugar cane plastic. The advantage of using sugar cane is that it is a renewable raw material that absorbs CO2 from the air. After harvest, the juice is extracted from the sugar cane. With the remaining product, i.e. what is left, it is possible to produce the alcohol that is the foundation of the production of plant-based plastics. In this way, we use a renewable resource at the same time as the remaining product is used. For every ton of sugar cane, two tons of CO2 are composed from the air.

This is waste resulting from the advanced processing of sugar cane. This waste, which is otherwise no longer used, becomes the basis of "plant-based plastics", through various processing methods. The packaging can therefore be recycled.

The use of this plant-based plastic is a planet-friendly alternative because there is, so to speak, an inverted "greenhouse effect". One tonne of sugarcane absorbs about two tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Since it is also processed waste, there is no impact on food production. URTEKRAM works hard to modify the packaging of its entire range.

You may already know that ecology is a real matter of the heart at Urtekram. However, did you know that we also work actively for a better and more sustainable world? This applies to the entire chain, from the individual grower to how we package and transport our goods.

We have signed both the Plastics Initiative and the Transport Initiative, and in 2019, we gradually switched to using plant-based plastics in all our skin and hair care packaging.

Less production waste

We always work to minimize our waste in production. In cases where it still occurs, for example when labels end up wrong and the products cannot be sold, we donate the goods to aid organizations in Denmark.

Solar cells and biogas

We take a number of actions to reduce our energy consumption. Here are some examples:

Our Danish warehouse building has solar cells for electricity production
We buy green electricity from hydropower
Our warehouse uses biogas for heating
We have lowered the temperature in our production to reduce energy consumption

All ingredients in Urtekram skin and hair care products are of natural origin and the products are organic certified and vegan.

All packaging of paper is FSC-certified, which ensures that we use paper from sustainable forests and that the forest cycle stays intact.

Organic enthusiasts

The pioneering spirit still infiltrates everything we do. We have always fight the battle for a more sustainable world and for products that meet our values, and we will continue to do so. Even though we are much bigger now than the time in 1972 when it all started, the innovation, commitment and passion is still the same.

Hari care

Choose natural hair care for your hair type. Our range includes shampoo and conditioner for normal hair, dry hair and fine hair, but also shampoo for dandruff and irritated scalp. You can choose a hair care range without perfume or one of our other range, each with its own unique scent. All with inspiration from nature.

By using the right haircare products, products that fulfill your personal needs with features tailored to your hair type, you give your hair maximum success for natural care. Ask yourself the following questions:

Hair type. Do you have normal, oily or dry and damage hair?
How do you treat your hair? Do you dye, bleach it or leave it completely natural?
How do you style your hair? Not at all, do you blow-dry it or use straighteners?
Once you have defined your hair type and your needs, you choose the right products. We have products for most hair types, Intense Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner for normal hair, Ultimate Repair Shampoo & Conditioner for dry and damaged hair, Color Preserve Shampoo & Conditioner for colored hair and Maximum Shine Shampoo & Conditioner for hair that is lifeless and needs moisture and extra shine. If your hair is extra dry, needs care, and counteracts frizz, try Coconut Hair Oil with a blend of almond, jojoba and broccoli seed oil.

How to wash your hair?

You should wash your hair in lukewarm water because hot water dries out both your hair and scalp.
Do not use too much shampoo; a small dosage (like a 1-penny approx) is enough, no matter how long your hair is.
Conditioner should only be applied in the lengths, avoid getting too close to the scalp.

Why use natural hair care products?

A "regular" shampoo contains ingredients that make it "too effective" and drain hair and scalp of dirt, but also of lots of moisture. Natural hair care products are gentler and ensure that the scalp and hair retain their natural moisture balance and do not become dry and "frizzy".

During the transition from regular hair care products to natural, the hair may feel unbalanced, become a little greasy and not feel like it is getting clean. It will happen! You need to give your hair and scalp time to restore the natural moisture balance and get used to it before the result is good.

Body care

Feel the caring sensation of vegan body care products developed with natural ingredients. Our laboratories continually innovate and develop new formulas to be able to offer body care products that meet all needs. You will find everything from hand wash to body lotion. Become the best version of you with the power of natural beauty care!

Face car

Let a wonderfully day cream, facial cleanser or skin tonic become your skin's best friend. Here you will find natural facial care with plant based face creams and cleansers. Our products are always certified by Ecocert COSMOS Organic and vegan.

New! Face care collection

Introducing the new Face-Care collection from Urtekram Nordic Beauty for everyday use, covering all needs. Two ranges 4 products; one refreshing cleansing gel and moisturizing day cream for normal to combination skin and one gentle cleansing gel and nourishing day cream for normal to dry skin.

Naturally soothing, moisturizing, nourishing and refreshing ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil, shea butter and conditioning hyaluronic acid secures all-day hydration and nourishment.

Dental care

Natural toothpaste is a small but wonderful step to a sustainable everyday life. Our vegan toothpastes comes with various refreshing flavors and contains only natural ingredients. We also have fluorine-free baby toothpaste.


Children and babies have more sensitive skin than adults do. It is therefore important to use gentle skin creams and a gentle shampoo. In our Children & Baby range, you will find toothpaste and natural care products. Our products are always certified by Ecocert COSMOS Organic and vegan.


How can I expect my hair to react if I start using certified organic hair care?

When you change from conventional to certified organic shampoo and conditioners, the hair and scalp may feel different due to the all-natural content in the certified organic hair care products. This may lead to a different result from your hair wash, some people don’t notice any difference, while others notice the hair feels cleaner, drier, fluffier or even dirtier. We suggest you try it for a while to make your hair adjust to the natural cleaning and care.

Are Urtekram products Vegan?

Yes, all Urtekram Beauty products are vegan.

Do Urtekram skin- and haircare products have a best before/expiry date?

Yes, all our products have a shelf life of 2 years and 5 months when unopened; once a product is opened and used its shelf life will vary. There is an open jar symbol with a number in it. This number refers to the number of months you can use the products when opened.

Do you have shampoo and conditioner without perfume?

Yes, please have a look at our Non perfume series.

Do you have products with aloe vera?

Yes of course, aloe vera is one of the oldest well-known healing and nurturing ingredients from the kingdom of plants which we absolutely want to use in our products so that you can take advantage of its well-doing characteristics. Please see our whole aloe vera range.

Which shampoo would you recommend for a dry scalp?

Our Brown Sugar hair care line is for dry and sensitive scalps and a favorite among our customers.

Which body care product would suit my dry skin?

Try our Nordic Berries Body Lotion for dry skin and if your skin is very dry please complement it with our Body Balm with Shea butter.

Which conditioner suits dry hair?

Aloe Vera Conditioner for dry hair will give you the result that you want.

Do you have shampoo for dry hair?

Yes, try out our Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner for dry hair.

Do you have natural hand wash?

Yes, we both have liquid hand wash and soap bars in a lot of different scents. All with 100 % natural ingredients, that is all ingredients derived from nature.

Do you have hair oil in your hair care assortment?

Yes, do try our Nourishing Coconut Hair Oil. You can use it both in wet and dry hair and it gives your hair a beautiful shine.

What does certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert mean?

The COSMOS standard is one of the strictest certifications on the market. All our products are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife, which the Ecocert COSMOS ORGANIC logo on our products show. This means among other things that the ingredients in our products must be from more than 98 % natural origin, and that the products cannot contain parabens, silicons, mineral oils or synthetic colorants. Want to know more? Please go to http://COSMOS.ecocert.com

What does INCI mean?

It’s the international list of ingredients; INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), showing all raw materials included in the products. The names on the INCI are created internationally and therefore in English, in some cases you will also find them in Latin. It is statutory by law that all skin- and hair care products sold within the EU should have a complete ingredient listing on the packaging. Some things are not in English, for instance: Aqua, Parfum, Lac, and Mel (the last two are milk and honey). Similarly, all extracts are named by their Latin name (according to the Linneaus convention), ie. Rosmarinus Officinalis leaf oil, Chamomilla Recutita oil.

Do your body care products contain perfume?

Yes, some of the products contain perfume. You can find perfume in the ingredient list as “Parfum”. Some products contain perfume, some contain essential oil mixtures and some are perfume free. All perfumes used in Urtekram’s products are approved by Cosmos and do not contain synthetic (petrochemical) compounds. If you would like products without perfume, we can recommend the perfume free products.

Are your products tested on animals?

We do not approve animal testing, neither regarding the products or the ingredients in them. As a supplier of certified organic beauty products it is our ethical responsibility to treat animals and our planet in a sustainable and responsible way. Urtekram has always been against animal testing and the EU took in 2013 a big step forward in prohibiting all animal testing. This is statutory for all companies producing cosmetic products within the EU.

Does your products contain PFAS?

No our products do not contain PFAS. That is not allowed in COSMOS certified products.

Why should I choose certified organic skin care?

Nowadays we pay much attention to what we eat and drink so let’s also apply this to what we put on our skin. All Urtekram Beauty products are certified organic by Ecocert according to the Cosmos Organic Standard. This is a well-known international standard which among other things means that the ingredients in our products are 100 % from natural origin, don’t contain silicones, mineral oils, GMO or nanomaterial.

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

The skin type “dry skin” lacks the natural ability to produce the right amount of oils for protection. We have got several products suitable for dry skin. Dehydrated skin needs help to retain moisture so drinking plenty of water and using a good moisturizer takes care of this. Please have a look at our selection of our moisturizers.

Which shampoo and conditioner suits my hair?

Which hair care products suits your hair depends on what hair type you have, is it dry, frizzy and hard to tame, or is it heavy, greasy and feels dirty quickly? It is also important to know what result you want, do you want shiny soft hair or a hairstyle with more volume and structure. We have haircare products for all styles and hair types. Read on the packaging to see which ones suit your needs.

What products should I use for my skin type?

We have a skincare ranges for all skin types. You will find this information on the packaging. There are products for normal skin, dry skin and if you have sensitive skin you can for instance use our No Perfume range.

Is there any difference between Body Wash and Shower Gel?

No, these two products have the same function, just different names.

Does Urtekram use sustainable palm oil?

Yes, in cases where palm oil is used we use RSPO-Round table on sustainable palm oil (*). (*) all ingredients we add to the products are RSPO-certified, however one ingredient contains palm oil (less than 0,05 % in total of the ingredient) and is not guaranteed to be RSPO-certified.

Does Urtekram products contain microplastics?

No, as we are an organic brand with natural products, from natural ingredients. Since most plastic comes from a petrochemical origin, we decided long ago not to use any microplastics.

Does Urtekram products contain silicones or preservatives?

Urtekram products are self-preserving and in accordance with our Cosmos Certification the products does not contain silicone.

All Urtekram Organic products

Organik Vegan Ürünler (1)
Organik Anne, Bebek ve Çocuk Bakımı (10)
Organik Anti-Aging Bakım Ürünleri (5)
Organik Ayak Bakımı (2)
Organik Bitkisel Bakım Yağları (5)
Organik Cilt Temizliği (33)
Organik Cilt ve Vücut Bakımı (21)
Organik Deo Roll-on, Deodorant ve Esans (12)
Organik Diş Macunu ve Ağız Bakımı (10)
Organik El Bakımı (10)
Organik Erkek Bakım Ürünleri (6)
Organik Göz Bakımı (4)
Organik Güneş Koruyucu (1)
Organik Kokusuz ve Hassas Bakım (17)
Organik Makyaj (3)
Organik Saç Bakımı (24)
Organik Şampuan (55)
Organik Yüz Bakımı (19)
Organik Sabun (15)
1110.00 ₺ Discount
832.50 ₺

940.00 ₺ Discount
705.00 ₺

All Urtekram Organic, Denmark Products
Türkiye Organic Agriculture Organic is a controlled and certified agriculture and production method without using chemical inputs. The purpose of ecological agriculture is to protect the environment, plant, animal and human health without polluting the soil, water resources and air. Organic is scientific and legal concept. Marketing of a product with expressions such as "natural, additive-free, hormone-free, pure, village product, from the farm, homemade, healthy" does not mean that it is organic. The organic food products in Ekoorganik Organic Store are in line with the European Union Organic Agriculture Legislation, and produced in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law and Regulation of Turkish Republic and has been certified by the Organic Certification Bodies authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, after being inspected by laboratory analyzes.

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