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OTS Organic Food - İzmir, Turkey

OTS Organic Food - İzmir, Turkey
OTS Organic was founded in 2013 in Izmir, by Atila Ertem, who has experience since 1986 in the organic market, with the vision of delivering the highest quality and various organic products to consumers. OTS has taken its place in the national market as a manufacturer that directs the industry. And is also developing rapidly in the international market with the French strategic partner Organic ALLIANCE.

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In 2013, OTS Organic was founded by Atila Ertem in İzmir, Turkey.

The first seed of OTS ORGANICS Inc. has been sown in 1986.

As a well-known and leading company in the organic foods industry, OTS processes and packages a wide spectrum of organic products.

Our main vision is to extend organic products to people who are aware of its benefits but have difficulties to reach.

Having determined our mission to be known as a producer/consumer-oriented pioneer in the sector, we always focus on creating values to our contracted farmers, our customers, our workers, our business partners and to the community by respecting all related regulations, laws and business ethics.

4E PRINCIPLES: Ecological, Economical, Ethical, Egalitarianistic

Having about 30 years experience in the organic foods sector, OTS ORGANICS Co.Inc. has been continuing to give service and spread its mission with the guidance of 4E PRINCIPLES created by its own:

OTS ORGANICS Co.Inc. enables its valuable business partners and customers to reach high-quality organic products ever and targets to decrease the cost of production, keep being respectful to the environment and be faithful on work ethics for all time.

Your very kind appreciation and confidence are our most precious motivation and driving force.

Wish to make our life better and healthier hand in hand with you…

We offer high quality and reliable organic products certified by internationally authorized control body “CERES”. We own TR / EU / NOP organic certificates. We are FDA registered to be an official and reliable exporter to USA. We are proud of being awarded HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) and FSSC 22000 (Global Certification Scheme for Food Safety Management Systems).

OTS Organics Inc's Exports

Our common values in the line with our mission which shape our company policies are :

* Sustainable product & service quality
* Customer satisfaction
* Work efficiency
* Environmental health
* Product & service innovation
* To be a reliable business partner both in domestic & international markets.

OTS ORGANICS Inc. provides long term services to its international customers with its own brand while undertaking contract manufacturing for private brands (PL business) on a B2B basis.

The company currently exports to Northern Cyprus, Middle Eastern Region, Azerbaijan, EU countries and USA.

Who is Atila Ertem

1975-1979 Ege University Faculty of Agriculture
1979-1886 Ministry of Agriculture of Turkish Republic
1886-1998 Project Manager, Rapunzel Naturkost
1998-2009 Co-founder, Rapunzel Turkey
2009-2013 Chairman, Ecological Agriculture Organization Association (ETO)
2013 - Founder, OTS Organic
2019 - Partnership with Organic ALLIANCE

Dear Friends and Business Partners,

I am excited to share today's announcement of the 50% share acquisition of OTS Organik by Organic ALLIANCE (www.organic-alliance.com), the French pioneer and leader in the organic fresh & dry fruits & vegetables and chilled & dairy business. It was an honor to welcome Lionel Wolberg (CEO, cofounder) to our office and we look forward to becoming part of the ORGANIC Alliance family.
With my co-founders and my team, we had a vision for how to reach Turkish consumers with best quality of range of organic products merely five years ago. Today, OTS Organik is a leading player on the national market and with its fast developing export business we have received industry recognition and we're selected by ORGANIC ALLIANCE as a strategic partner. I'm proud that our services have a meaningful impact on the operations of our customers.
Thank you all and I look forward to the journey ahead with all of you!

Atila Ertem 18.10.2019

All OTS Organic products

Doğal Tuz ve Organik Tatlandırıcılar (2)
Organik Baharat, Bitki ve Tohumlar (5)
Organik Bakliyat ve Tahıl (13)
Organik Bal ve Arı Ürünleri (2)
Organik Bebek Ek Gıda ve Çocuk Besinleri (7)
Organik Çikolata ve Tatlı Atıştırmalıklar (18)
Organik Çorba ve Tarhana (2)
Organik Glutensiz Ürünler (6)
Organik Kuruyemiş ve Kuru Meyve (31)
Organik Meyve, Sebze Suyu ve İçecekler (2)
Organik Pekmez (8)
Organik Reçel ve Marmelat (5)
Organik Salça ve Kurutulmuş Sebze (5)
Organik Sirke, Ekşi ve Sos (5)
Organik Turşu, Konserve ve Meze (3)
Organik Tuzlu Atıştırmalıklar (1)
Organik Un (8)
Organik Unlu Mamuller (6)
Organik Zeytin (4)
Organik Zeytinyağı ve Yağlar (1)
Türkiye Organic Agriculture Organic is a controlled and certified agriculture and production method without using chemical inputs. The purpose of ecological agriculture is to protect the environment, plant, animal and human health without polluting the soil, water resources and air. Organic is scientific and legal concept. Marketing of a product with expressions such as "natural, additive-free, hormone-free, pure, village product, from the farm, homemade, healthy" does not mean that it is organic. The organic food products in Ekoorganik Organic Store are in line with the European Union Organic Agriculture Legislation, and produced in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law and Regulation of Turkish Republic and has been certified by the Organic Certification Bodies authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, after being inspected by laboratory analyzes.

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