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Ekokimya Chemical Products, Istanbul Turkey

Ekokimya Chemical Products, Istanbul Turkey
Ekokimya was established at Beylikduzu, Istanbul, Turkey, in 2009 with the aim of producing friendly to the earth cleaning and organically personal care products: Ecowell Organic Cosmtecis and Ecos3 Ekological Cleaning.

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Ekokimya was established in 2009 with the aim of producing friendly to the earth cleaning and organically personal care products. We serve for our own brands. Besides, our private label production provides professional service for
local and foreign brands.

Since the establishment of Ekokimya, in order for a better world, we have been working consistently and eagerly in
our 2000m2 production area in which 500-ton production can be made and 600.000 bottles can be filled.

We have two separate and independent production lines each for detergent and cosmetics.

100ml- 1000ml filling range in detergent 5ml- 500 ml filling range in cosmetics.

The production processes such as R&D activities, supplying of raw material and packing, production and filling are all
done meticulously within our constitution by our team of experts.

We have two laboratories in our manufacturing site: one of them is R&D Laboratory and the other is Quality Control Laboratory.

Our specialist Chemists and Engineers are working cooperatively with academic persons that are expert in outstanding universities in Turkey.

With having high-tech devices, we are able to make all kinds of physical and chemical analysis in our own constitution.

In this way, we can offer an economic solution more quickly.
As part of TEYDEB 1507, our two projects are supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research
Council of Turkey)
Ecological Dishwasher Detergents, which is developed with TUBITAK support, has been a finalist of SME Innovative
Eco-Friendly Award 2011.

Hale Yedier

Halde Yedier is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ekomikmya.

Ekokimya, the company responsible for establishing and manufacturing Ecowell, has carved its name in the industry successfully with some notable achievements within a short time. Having established its name in the industry with its revolutionary eco bio household cleaning brand, certified organics brand and being the preferred contract manufacturer for leading European cosmetic brands, Ekokimya is forging ahead with no end in sight.
Its primary brand, Ecowell established itself as a firm favourite with European consumers and is nowextending its reach into Asia to connect to the burgeoning, new generation market segment of savvy and health-conscious consumers looking for the healthiest lifestyle alternatives.

To understand what makes this company tick, we need look no further than the driving force behind it all; its founder, 41-year old Ms. Hale Münüklü. A mother-of-two, this driven, ambitious and innovative industry leader answers some questions to give us an insight into what makes Ecowell the brand that it is today.

1. How did you come up with the idea of founding Ekokimya?

It was 2009 when we asked ourselves if we can research and develop ecologic and organic cleaning and cosmetic products. It was a very new market in Turkey with very low demand and very few companies in this area. We knew that is was to be a stringent process but still threw ourselves into this adventure. Our product variety started to expand. Products that do not harm the nature and human beings! We enjoyed this adventure with all thehassle that came with it.

2. What was your first brand under Ekokimya?

It was Ecowell, our first pupil.

3. How did the creation of Ecowell come about?

We wanted to create a brand for our wellness products that would be certified as organic and ecological. We developed 4 categories under this umbrella brand, face care, body care, hair care and baby care.

4. Why did you call it Ecowell?

“Eco” from Ecologic “Well” from Wellness.

5. Why are organics and eco bio products your passion?

I believe that every question or problem has an answer in nature. What we get from nature we have to give back to help the natural cycle move. In that sense, we try our best to develop cosmetic and detergent products with natural ingredients as much as possible.

6. How did you become aware of harmful ingredients in cosmetics?

I have a very sensitive and allergic skin. I cannot use every product, especially for my face care. Also as a mother of two kids I am very selective for any product they eat or use. All these made me aware of the harmful ingredients years ago. When you start to investigate,it is an endless road.

8. Why is it so important to use organic ingredients?

An organically certified ingredient means that starting from farming processes to the end product; everything is controlled by accredited inspection companies to suit organic needs. This is a cycle, starting from farming so that the end product can be named as an organic product.

7. What is your philosophy on skincare, and how does the Ecowell range reflect this?

My philosophy is to use natural and suitable products which make you feel good. Any product being natural does not mean that it will be good for your skin. For example if you have dry skin you should not use a cream that is specifically developed for oily skin. In the Ecowell range we have products that can be used for every skin type and also products that are specifically developed for certain skin types or problems.

9. Why did you feel the need to have organic certification?

In Turkey it is sad that the name ORGANIC is used nearly by everyone. I also see that this is a problem in other countries and cultures too. At this point how can the end user make the difference of a real organic product with the fake ones? That is why CERTIFICATION is very important to guarantee the end user of what they use. If a product is certified by an accredited body like ICEA, the consumer can even go and check the certificate from ICEA website.

10. Is Ecowell suitable for all skin types?

Some products are developed to be used for all skin types; moreover we also have products that are specifically developed for special treatments and skin types, like the mattifying cream for oily skin with acne problems.

11. What makes Ecowell different from other organic brands?

Ecowell is an organic cosmetics brand with very high quality standards that guarantee effectiveness. We can say Ecowell is a selective organic brand.

12. What would you say are the most crucial components to healthy skin?

Healthy skin needs to be cleaned and moisturized regularly with the right product for your skin type.

13. How did you choose the ingredients you wanted to use in your products?

We visit the exhibitions worldwide to find alternative natural and organic ingredients from their source. We also do literature searches continually for herbal and natural ingredients to select the right ones with the right amounts.

15. Plant extracts are the bulk of your formulas, can you tell us a little bit about the process of extractions?

For an extract to be deemed organic, it is not enough to be only for the farming processes, even the extraction processes need to respect and comply with organic regulations. These regulations ensure that the extract contains the highest and purest part of the vitamins, minerals and vital elements. Some extraction processes may lead to fading of necessary elements in the plant.

16. Can you tell us what to expect from Ecowell in the coming years?

Let this be a surprise, we have romantic dreams ☺

17. What is your own beauty routine like?

Honestly, I do not like make up a lot but I do like skin care. What I do every morning and night for sure is to wash my face with Ecowell Liquid Facial Soap since skin that is not cleaned properly cannot fully absorb the serums or creams. After that I apply Ecowell Eye Contour Cream and moisturizer (Ecowell Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream and Anti Age Face Cream alternately). Ecowell Elixir Serum is my favorite at night as I have dry skin. 2-3 times a week I apply our mask for extra hydration and deep cleansing.

18. What is one skin care tip everyone should know?

It is very important to use the right brand and only suitable products for your skin under that brand. However whatever brand you prefer to use, it is very important to clean your face properly with the right product for your skin before any application.

19. What is your vision for Ecowell?

Our vision for Ecowell is to be a multinational selected organic cosmetics brand that will strike a happy note for our earth.

21. How about the opportunities that exist right now for the organic skin care industry?

It is a growing industry as people get to know more about natural and organic products. Global warming and pollution in industrial cities forces people to be knowledgeable about this aspect of life.

20.What are the obstacles you see right now to achieving that vision?

Trying to change human habit is the hardest obstacle I think.

22. And one last question … who has influenced you in the organic skincare business?

My father has influenced and supported me a lot.

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Türkiye Organic Agriculture Organic is a controlled and certified agriculture and production method without using chemical inputs. The purpose of ecological agriculture is to protect the environment, plant, animal and human health without polluting the soil, water resources and air. Organic is scientific and legal concept. Marketing of a product with expressions such as "natural, additive-free, hormone-free, pure, village product, from the farm, homemade, healthy" does not mean that it is organic. The organic food products in Ekoorganik Organic Store are in line with the European Union Organic Agriculture Legislation, and produced in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law and Regulation of Turkish Republic and has been certified by the Organic Certification Bodies authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, after being inspected by laboratory analyzes.

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